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Empowering your corporate actions with big data-driven media monitoring insights

About Our Media Monitoring

At KURASI, we make it easy for you to stay on top of all the media that matters to your business - from print and online news to social media and television. Our powerful monitoring tools allow you to quickly and efficiently gather data, get a complete picture of your media landscape, identify trends and influential figures, and make informed decisions for your corporate actions.

What We Offer You


  • Wide media coverage including print, online, television, social media
  • Analytical media dashboard is available on desktop and mobile version
  • The dashboard includes a customizable widget
  • User-friendly dashboard

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Online News

Up to 3000 media


Our two-step validation process allows you to thoroughly analyze media trends, grasp the media landscape, and identify influential figures with confidence and precision.

  • Customizable report (daily, weekly, monthly, annual, post-event, special issue etc)
  • Insightful analysis with recommendation (actionable insight)

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